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Davie Henry


It wasn't until he was 22 that he began to play the mandolin, being particularly influenced by the playing of Clive Henderson, a great player from Lerwick. Davie along with Brian also played in "Da Fustra" dance band, and has also played with Shetland folk group "Joost Wis" with ex Hom Bru member Ivor Pottinger.
He also plays with "Milladen" a young fiddle group featuring Davie's niece Lois Nicol and Vaila Tait on fiddles and Davie on guitar.
Davie also enjoys playing with "The Bleach Boys" a good-fun folk singing group of "old folk". (Only joking)

Davie's musical influences have been Ronnie Cooper, Peerie Willie Johnson and Clive Henderson. Davie plays a Flatiron Mandolin.

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