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1980: Edinburgh and Beyond:
click to enlarge imagePeter and Gary had always
wanted to try and perform their
music to a wider audience, and in 1980 they decided to move to Edinburgh to play Shetland music to the world. This saw the departure of Alec on bass, as he had already had a period as a professional musician during the 70's and didn't want to go through the experience again.

The band was joined by Stewart Isbister (bass guitar, vocals) and Davy Tulloch, a good friend already staying in Edinburgh, who was building a great reputation for himself around the city.
The line up now was Gary Peterson (mandolin, tenor banjo), Davie Henry (vocals, tenor banjo, mandolin), Davy Tulloch (fiddle), Stewart Isbister (bass guitar, vocals) and Peter Miller (guitar, vocals). The sixth member of the band was sound engineer and roadie, Michael Stout from Fair Isle: the band now realised they needed someone who knew what they should sound like on the mixing desk.
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