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1980: Edinburgh and Beyond:
The band was taken under the wing of the Edinburgh Folk Festival, who had set up an agency, run by director Dr. John Barrow. This opened the door for the band in many ways by providing the opportunity to play to a wide and international audience, and led to them getting very high praise in the press.
This also led to their first experience of a real studio when, with the help of John McKinnon, they went to Robin Morton's Temple Studio to record a demo tape.

The band did a few tours with this line up, with highlights including a performance on the BBCs "Pebble Mill At One", live to the nation, and a very memorable first venture abroad with a Scottish Tourism trip to Ridderkerk in Holland. The Ridderkerk gig was one of Davy Tulloch’s final appearances with the band as he wanted to do other projects, such as forming the band "Curlew".

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