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1981- 82: More line-up changes
The album "Obadeea" came out in 1982. Tracks included "The Unst Boat Song" – a very rare recording as it is one of the last songs left in the old Norn language; also "Ragtime Jane", by the late Jimmy Elliot of Edinburgh, which involves Gary tuning the first string of the mandolin down to C sharp.

1982, was another hectic year, the high points being the Skagen, Tonder, and Roskilde festivals in Denmark, and an amazing ten days in East Germany representing Scotland – along with Dick Gaughan – at the "Festival des Politischen Liedes" – the festival of political songs.

During 1982, George decided to leave the band. As was the usual, they came home for Christmas, having already asked the great Shetland fiddler and composer Steven Spence to join the band. This time they ALL decided to stay home.

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