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The Early 1990s:
A more contemporary sound

click to enlarge imageIn 1993 Ivor left Shetland. When considering who should replace him the main concern was to find a good guitarist as it was felt that Davie and Peter could still do the singing. The boys eventually decided to ask Andrew Tulloch (Violet's boy), to join them. Andrew had only recently become interested in traditional music, having mostly played in rock bands, but he readily accepted the offer and so a new member entered the frame bringing with him some new ideas. Andrew was a prolific songwriter, and these skills led to the band taking a more contemporary direction with their music.

Andrew’s song-writing meant that the band had to learn lots of new material. Steven, who was living in Unst (Shetland’s most northerly island) and who had work commitments, was finding it difficult to rehearse with the band and thought it would be a good time for HOM BRU to find a new fiddler.

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