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The late 1990s to the present day
By this time, John was already working on another project, and the year 2000 was to see him depart to Glasgow to do a course on guitar making, something he had always wanted to do. Brian found himself having to play the remaining guitar parts on the album, and the band decided not to replace the bass player, but leave Brian on guitar.
The line up now is Gary Peterson (mandolin, tenor banjo), Davie Henry (mandolin, vocals), Brian Nicholson (guitar, vocals), and John Robert Deyell (fiddle).
2001 saw the band meeting up with Andrew Tulloch again, as Hom Bru and Shetland band Filska (of which Andrew is now a member) did a memorable festival on the French island of Tatihou, off the coast of Normandy
2002, saw the boys trying to finish the album, and now in 2003, it lives up to its title "No Afore Time".
2003 looks to be another busy year for Hom Bru. They have already performed in Edinburgh at the Queens Hall, and later this year they will be performing at the Orkney Folk Festival and the Keith Folk Festival.

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